Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Make Money On Your Smartphone

Service #1 Perk (TV, Browser, Search, Shopping)

Platform - Iphone/Android/Browser except for shopping, exclusively available for Ipad

Description - Perk is a big service that is accessible for many different platforms.  You can earn money in many ways these include searching the web, watching app/movie trailers, Shopping, and many more.  I use mainly the Perk TV app and watch the app trailers.  You watch and add, and the trailer, each lasting about 30-45 seconds a piece.  You have to watch 2 app or movie trailers (4 videos total, 2 ads, 2 trailers) to get 4 points (1 point per video).  I occasionally search and I have earned anywhere from 1-20 points per search.  Only select searches are chosen.  I have not used the Perk shop, because I do not own an Ipad.

Currency - Perk uses points as currency.  The conversion rate is 1,000 points = 1 dollar.  The conversion rate varies on select options.

Hours Per Dollar - For this service I run it while I am sleeping and it auto plays ads.  This can generate me about $0.50 (500 points) every night per device (7 hours).  While browsing FAC's it was explained that they allow multiple devices to be on the service at one time, but if there are too many it will give you an error message. I have tested up to 4 devices at a time, and I have not received an error message.

Cash out - Cash out starts at $2 Amazon (2500 points, one of the varied prizes).  Other prizes include Starbucks, Target, Footlocker, Ihop, Gamestop and Best Buy all starting at $5 with normal rates.  PayPal I find a rip of $5 = 9,000 points almost double the normal cash out rate.  You can also donate your money to charities which is a cool feature.  There are also bigger prizes like Skullcandy headphones (30,000 points), Nikon Coolpix Digtital (130,000 points), Nexus 7 (220,000 points) and the Kindle Fire (220,000 points)

Tips/Tricks -
  • Once the ad is over, you can tap on the middle of the screen and tap done, this will end the video and still credit you for watching
  • As I stated before you can run the app on multiple devices
  • Run while you sleep for points without doing anything
  • The app trailers are shorter than the movie trailers
  • Take advantage of the auto play feature, you can let it run for a long time

Usability (out of 10) - 10

Rating (out of 10) - 9 - With this service you can earn real quick cash, and the cash out rewards are very reasonable.  It is great to earn money while you sleep.  One are they could improve on is making Perk Shopping available on more devices.  This is a really great service and is highly recommended.

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Either code (if you have one of the mobile apps [df5a86d9]), or link (on your browser) works!